Is your Path Straight

Have you ever went for a walk in the woods completely unfamiliar of the terrain, but at the same time confident of your sense of direction?

I went for a walk like this one time and as I walked the unfamiliar hills and woods I followed many twists, turns, and decisions on which way to go. At one point thinking I was going the right way, I was not and in fact was going another. The land with all its hills, valleys, curves, with the turning and twisting river seemed to make sense to my sense of direction. The river went out and around the land like a peninsula. I had never seen this part of the woods before, so I went out in my confidence to see and explore this new place. But then I didn’t find what I expected, I found myself where I started. The river was straight and my path was crooked. I was wrong!!

How about you? Your life? Where are you going? Do you think your way is right? Are you going in a circle, always back where you started? Doing the same wrong things. Have you lied? Have you stolen anything that wasn’t yours? Do you know that makes you a lying thief?

Have you ever hated anyone or lusted after someone? Jesus said if you hate someone you have committed murder in your heart already, and if you lust after someone you have committed adultery already in your heart. These things you do, it is called sin, you are breaking His Law and sinning against God.

Someday you all will die and will have to face God on Judgement Day, He is the Supreme Judge! You have broken his Law and He will judge you by His Law the Ten Commandments.

The Truth is You will be found guilty!! Do you know this? But He is gracious. He has provided a way to be forgiven.

Jesus came as a man who was God in human form. 2000 years ago he came and died for your sins to take the punishment that you deserve. To take the complete Wrath of God and the punishment you deserve for all your life full of sins, to save you from an eternity of suffering in Hell.

Now he offers you forgiveness of your sins but you need to confess and repent of them, turning away from your life of sin.

Stop running around in circles. Going back to your sin. Trust in Him, trust in Jesus for your salvation for the only way for forgiveness of sins.

Pick up that bible start reading in the Book of John. Cry out to God to save you. How long will He be gracious to you and allow you to continue in your crooked ways? Will he give you years? Months? Day? Hours? You don’t know if tomorrow will come.

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