Reflections of Late

Reflecting on handing out Gospel tracts and sharing one on one with some strangers at the mall last week, it made me think of how little I have gone out lately. Also, of all those who have not yet heard the soul-saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. Even though I went out leading a small group of people two weeks in a row. It had been a few months since I intentionally went out seeking to save the lost. I realized a few things after this last outing.

One, being that I am getting better at calming my fears when approaching perfect strangers. Without worrying what they may do, say, or think of me. Almost everyone will thank me for giving them a Gospel tract or sharing the Gospel with them. Explaining to them using God’s Law why they will be in such great trouble when the day of judgement comes for them. Standing before the Lord they will have to give an account for their sins. Then telling them what God did for them on the cross to pay their punishment that they deserve. All because of the great love Jesus Christ has for them.

I have found that more often than not they have never heard such things from anyone before. Even those who have grown up in the church their entire lives. Those who are young or old say the same thing, “I have never heard that explained in such a clear and understandable way before, Thank You!”

Two, that I found myself wanting to stay longer and didn’t have a problem sharing the Gospel by myself if necessary. Though it is much easier with another brother or sister in Christ along with me. That is for sure. But the desire to talk to those around me has been getting stronger.

Third, later on, I thought that I really needed to continue to go out to seek and save the lost on a more regular basis. Maybe others will want to go with me, maybe not. But I knew that it was a necessity for me to start going more often.

What a wonderful thing that the Lord is accomplishing within me. I mean if you knew me several years ago you would know that I was very shy and of very few words. In a complete conversation, I would rarely have anything to say. Beaten down and bound by the devil, with an unnatural block between my mind and mouth. To me it was unbelievable! Even having instances where I would be completely blank in thought when it came to speaking. Not having a single thought of what to say. It was crazy.

But the Lord has been working and releasing me slowly over those several years. First giving me the ability to type and write out my thoughts clearly and then more and more through the power of the Holy Spirit to speak the Gospel clearly. Praise God!

I know He will continue to work in remarkable ways, and someday I will be a completely new man. They who knew me before will not recognize me!

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