Food For The Soul

I invite you to dive into the Word of God by searching it daily. It is like food and drink for the soul. You eat and drink sustenance for your body daily, it is just as important or perhaps more important to feed your spirit with the living Word of God daily, which is the body of Christ Jesus.

I also invite you to enjoy all of these daily biblical lessons I have written, or devotions as they have been called in the Christian community. I am calling them “Food for the Soul.” They are encouraging, inspirational, uplifting, challenging, and powerful. They are sure to stir your spirit and cause Him who dwells within you to speak to you through them.

It is truly the power of the Word of God and the Spirit of God that brings life to mankind, moving us from ignorance to the wisdom of God, from death to life, and from darkness to light.

May the Lord help you in every way to grow up to maturity in the Lord through the hard work I have put in to write these daily biblical lessons, Food for the Soul.

Please consider giving to my ministry if the Lord is leading you to. I support missions here in the United States and abroad. God Bless You.

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