The Revealer Of Truth

The Law was established by God to give a clear representation of what His holy requirements were. To show mankind what is expected and what is not acceptable in His eyes. It also is a tool that God uses to bring conviction of sins, to draw you to Him, and to instruct and teach you what is right and wrong. The Law is a revealer of truth like a mirror shows the trueness of your face.

God’s Law agrees with the conscience He has given to each one of us. Just as the knowledge of good and evil works within the hearts of all mankind. It opens the eyes of the blind to the depths of their disobedience to Him. So that they may come to their senses and run to the Savior by faith for forgiveness. 

But before faith came, we were kept under the Law, shut up unto the faith which should afterward be revealed. Wherefore the Law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith. Galatians 3:23-24

The Law was not meant to be a means for salvation or redemption, because it does not cleanse anyone from their sins. It just shows you the truth of your failure. The impossibility that you could do anything to save yourself. Otherwise, sacrifice would not be necessary. But it is and was a shadow of the good and better things that were to come by faith in Jesus Christ.

For since the Law was but a shadow of the good things to come instead of the true form of these realities, it can never, by the same sacrifices that are continually offered every year, make perfect those who draw near.

Otherwise, would they not have ceased to be offered, since the worshipers, having once been cleansed, would no longer have any consciousness of sins? But in these sacrifices, there is a reminder of sins every year. For it is impossible for the blood of bulls and goats to take away sins. Hebrews 10:1-3

But understand this, there is no one on earth that will escape from the perfect Law, for it rules over all mankind. It can not save or forgive, but it condemns those who live under it. It is a slap of reality, a jolt of honesty, a revealer of your true self, and a prosecutor who stands against you in the courtroom of Heaven. It shows that you are helpless and guilty of your lies, theft, hatred, lust, and any other form of disobedience to the Lord. All of this will be known when you stand before a holy and righteous God. 

See that you do not refuse Him who is speaking. For if they did not escape when they refused Him who warned them on earth, much less will we escape if we reject Him who warns from heaven. At that time His voice shook the earth, but now He has promised, “Yet once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens.” Hebrews 12:25-26

Jesus Christ fulfilled the Law completely by living a perfect life and never breaking one precept. He was the perfect sacrifice for the eternal forgiveness and redemption of your sins and mine. This understanding of the purpose of the Law should drive you to your knees in helplessness. It points you to the only one who can save and forgive sins, Jesus Christ.

But when Christ had offered for all time a single sacrifice for sins, He sat down at the right hand of God, waiting from that time until His enemies should be made a footstool for His feet. For by a single offering He has perfected for all time those who are being sanctified.

And the Holy Spirit also bears witness to us; for after saying, “This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days, declares the Lord: I will put my laws on their hearts, and write them on their minds,” then He adds, “I will remember their sins and their lawless deeds no more.” Where there is forgiveness of these, there is no longer any offering for sin. Hebrews 10:15-18

If you allow the Law to reveal your guilt, looking intently into it to understand the gravity of your present condition and your future destination without a savior, you will run to Jesus Christ. Running to Him that He may perform a miracle in your heart and soul that no one else could perform. He is the only one who can forgive your sins and turn your hard heart soft.

Come to the Lord with open arms and a willing spirit, with full confession and repentance. Turn from your sins, that you may be saved, and purified from all unrighteousness. That someday when you do stand in the courtroom of Heaven, you will be wearing the robe of righteousness given to you by the Lord Jesus Christ. Then God will see you as perfectly acceptable in His eyes because of the cleansing blood of Jesus.

It is through faith in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and in Him that you can be justified before God. Faith is the most necessary factor. So have faith in Him and turn from your dishonest ways and look to Jesus for your example of a pure and honest life. A life that leads to heaven and reward instead of judgment and punishment.

But now the righteousness of God has been manifested apart from the law, although the Law and the Prophets bear witness to it the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ for all who believe. For there is no distinction: for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified by His grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus,

whom God put forward as a propitiation(payment) by His blood, to be received by faith. This was to show God’s righteousness because in His divine forbearance He had passed over former sins. It was to show His righteousness at the present time so that He might be just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus. Romans 3:21-26

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