The Lord Is Waiting For You

By Joel Beach

Oh, How we long to be with the Lord. Yet we meet many a sword. 
How His hand stretches to us all. But many look away and continue to fall. 

Seeking to walk on that golden lane. But restrained to trod on dirt in vain. To hear the angels shout and sing. Yet only perceive cries of pain and sting. 

To feel the warmth and presence of our Lord. Though all around us suffering outpoured. To feel His close and warm embrace. So many who need it, but not a trace. 

Someday our tears will be wiped away. Yet many will never know that day. I see now why we are not there yet. So many need Jesus who have not yet met.

Those of this world go to and fro. Having no direction of which way to go. They need to hear the Savior’s call. The Gospel must be proclaimed, yes, proclaimed to all!

All have broken God’s holy Law, they lie, they steal, they do it all.
It breaks God’s heart to make a full end, to a place of punishment He must send.

Hatred, disobedience, murder, and more, all crimes against God, He does abhor. Hell is His prison of woe and pain, suffering, and anguish, where punishments reign. 

But God loved you so very much, your soul He wants to touch.
Suffered and died for your every sin, took the wrath of God that you may be made new within.

Jesus died, was buried, and rose again, now sits on His throne, your soul He can defend. Turn from your sins, repent, and confess, He will forgive and clean up your horrible mess.

Follow, obey, seek Him, and call Him Lord, never look away and great will be your reward. Some day in Heaven you will rejoice and shout, joy and blessing, forever joyfully lived out!

Don’t wait another moment, don’t even delay, cry out in repentance and do it today! He is waiting to hear your humble cry, His love for you is great, in Him you can rely!

This is the most important decision of your life, if you ignore it, it will cut like a knife! Run to the Lord, He is waiting for you, give everything to Him, to the One who is faithful and true!

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