God Answers Prayer

I was praying to the Lord yesterday about how effective I have been in reaching people for Jesus Christ. I know it reaches much farther and wider than I realize. But sometimes I just wonder how far. I desire for it to reach much further. So many more might be saved.

I believe I received my answer last night in a dream and more.

I dreamt that I walked into a church and I sat in the front row. I was given a paper that showed that I was supposed to sing in the service, yet I knew nothing about, neither did I have anything prepared to sing.

I would have sung something but the pastor, who I knew from a previous church that I left, mocked me publicly for not being prepared to sing. He would not allow me to open my mouth.

So I quietly rose and left as everyone watched me leave in silence.

After I left, I boarded a bus with one other person who I was working with and we both rode away from that place. The bus driver was new and was practicing her route. Stopping at several locations but not picking up anyone. Throughout almost the whole ride we were the only ones on the bus.

But then as we were nearing the end of the route, the bus driver finally stopped and picked up a whole load of kids. Immediately after this point, we arrived at a church gathering at a beach.

Another church was meeting there and having a get-together to eat and fellowship. We brought a single pizza to share and I set it down with the other food.

The senior pastor asked why I had left the previous church. I told him the reason why. I explained that the other pastor who rebuked me was arrogant, selfish, and always had to prove himself right. As well as he would not listen to a single word I said.

I remember saying to him, “Why don’t you just have a conversation about doctrine and theology with him sometime. You will see how firm and unwavering he is in his own ideas, in his own mind. He will not listen to anything from the Spirit of the Lord, but he holds to the teachings of men!”

I looked back and saw that the rebuking pastors’ children had eaten most of the pizza I had brought. But I smiled, that was ok with me. Then I ate one piece myself.

After this I entered a larger church where I noticed that many of the ceiling tiles in all the rooms and hallways were bad. So I started to tear them down. As I pulled the tiles out they disappeared. People were walking all over the building while I was doing this and didn’t even notice what I was doing. They didn’t understand it either.

A young pastor who felt like he had authority confronted me and asked why I was doing this.

I told him the ceiling tiles are bad and must be removed. He didn’t understand as well and continued to follow me as I made my way to the sanctuary of this large church.

There was a service going on there. I immediately went into the center of the people and started to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Laying hands on them, pulling off sticky plates that were all over them. The plates were covering up who they really were.

Starting from the center of the people they started praising the Lord God, Jesus Christ. At first many were opposed to me. But then like a wave moving out in all directions they all proclaimed the praise of the Lord. They were being healed, set free from demons and oppression in many ways.

I remember having both hands raised, praising the Lord, and falling on my knees praising Him.

Then a well-known Pastor, who did have authority came over and asked what was happening, in a pleasant way. He had been out on the edge of the room observing everything that had happened.

I was in the Spirit. I knew he had this authority. So I stopped and stood up.

He exclaimed to me that it was the most incredible thing he has ever seen. The working of the Spirit of the Lord upon the people. He then told me that I had reached 2.7 million people, just in that service alone. This amazed me because I thought there was only around two hundred present.

The other young pastor was trying to take credit for me being there. But the well-known pastor would not listen to him. He knew better and told me he wanted to have me come with him to minister to many more. To save souls.

In my dream, I woke up and started to tell my parents all about it and to my friend who was with me on the bus.

As I recounted in the dream, about ministering to the crowd, I told them that demons were coming out of people. I began to cry for joy and I felt the Spirit of the Lord closer than ever before.

Then I really woke up and I wanted to feel the Lord that close once again.

Praise God for that! What a wonderful dream and answer to prayer! Thank you, Lord!

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