Restored Vessel

I was shattered and broken, but you, Oh Lord, have restored me. I was smashed like a clay vessel, scattered like pot shards among the hillside. Ground into the dust of the Earth as if walked upon by many feet. Unrecognizable from the slate, grass, and dirt.

But You, Oh Lord, saw me, you knew me and chose me. You cleansed the filth that covered me. You gathered me up, all my broken pieces. You took them up in your loving hands, with skill you crafted them together in perfect order. Sealing the cracks with your pure gold. Sealing me up in your mercy and grace.

You have glazed me over with your strength, wisdom, and understanding, because of your unfailing love. You called me out and stood me upon your pedestal for your great purpose. You purifying me inside and out to walk in your righteousness for the glory of your Kingdom.

You have filled me up with your Spirit continually, to dwell in your presence and to do your will. That no evil thing may dwell within me again. You have declared over me redemption.

I have poured out my coffers, as you have commanded, to the worthy. I have opened my hands to the poor and needy. I will continue to labor with my hands to seek to save the lost for your glory.

In my heart I trust you. In my spirit, I hear you. I know your plan is perfect. So I trade what is temporary to build what is eternal. All for the sake of your will, purpose, and plan. All for sake of the name of Jesus Christ.

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