Heading to Washington DC for March for Life

Once again I am heading to Washington DC for the Annual March for Life rally on Fri 24th 2020. I will be meeting my ministry partner and maybe 500,000 others who are seeking for abortion to once and for all be outlawed in this great United States of America.

We will also be seeking to do ministry work with the homeless in our Nations Capital. So if the Lord leads you to share in this outreach please do not delay but give as you are able.

The Lord will bring many changes in this nation for the good if we strive to obey His will and do the work He has prepare ahead of time for us to do. God Bless You, may you consider what you will do, by stepping out in faith to obey the Lord.

  2 comments for “Heading to Washington DC for March for Life

  1. priscilla d
    January 22, 2020 at 7:49 pm

    God bless you

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