by: Joel Beach

Sometimes the weight is too heavy,
sometimes the road, too long. 
Sometimes the waves are too rough,
sometimes the storm, too strong.

Sometimes the burden is massive,
sometimes things go wrong.
Sometimes the way is unsure,
sometimes you just don’t belong.

Sometimes the way is unseen,
sometimes faith is all you know.
you have to hang on,
sometimes you just have to let go.

But the Lord resides in Heaven,
and He cares for every soul.
He rules over every second,
everything is under His control.

He delights in the pure and the righteous,
rewards according to their worth.
Placed exactly where He wants them,
secured and established at their birth.

Keep your eyes fixed on Him,
and follow His every command.
You will rejoice and praise His holy name,
When He proves Himself by the move of His mighty ha

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