There Is No God Like The Lord

Brothers and Sisters, the world is in a panic. But we are not! We are standing in the confidence in the Lord our God. He knew this would happen and even predicted that people in the last days would panic and run from the smallest foe.

The people of this world have no idea what is coming against the wicked of this world. Horrible and difficult times are coming. But the servants of the Lord are not asleep, we are not pulled here and there with every scare and blow of the wind.

Jesus will be doing two things in the near future. He will punish the wicked and raise up the righteous until the time the wicked one the Anti Christ will come and take over. Then all hell will break loose in the world.

But God is in control and He is completely sovereign over everything. Satan has not slipped anything by Him. He has been orchestrating everything according to His plan. Nothing will happen that is out of His control.

Soon this Virus will be gone and another page in History, but Jesus Christ and His Word will stand forever!!

Trust in Him and forge forward, press on for the Lord God Almighty is with His Servants no matter what happens He is in Control and His reward will come with Him to the righteous and upright! God bless You.

  1 comment for “There Is No God Like The Lord

  1. tiffy44
    March 20, 2020 at 9:59 am

    Amen Thank You Lord

    Liked by 1 person

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