Author: Joel Beach

Joel Beach is first and foremost a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. He has made it his life work to share encouragement and hope with his fellow believers and to earnestly share the goodness and grace of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Joel is a father to three sons and seeks to raise them in the wisdom and admonition of the Lord. Joel was raised, encouraged, and guided by his parents as he grew up in a Christian home. Joel’s father, a Pastor for thirty-seven years, his mother, a strong and nurturing stay-at-home parent. Both of whom supported and enriched Joel’s literary gifting and faith in Jesus Christ. Joel has been a professional Automotive Master Technician of 20 years as his main occupation. He is also an accomplished writer of biblical encouraging devotions, Christian poetry, as well as Gospel messages. His gifting is in speaking a literary message through the Holy Spirit, from a firm and steadfast foundation of the Holy scriptures. His work can be viewed on his blog site As well as his Facebook social media site, under the heading, Joel Beach. Joel’s work has been an inspirational and uplifting part of the lives of many. He is a great asset to the body of Christ’s church, and to all who receive his message. Please consider giving to his ministry who supports missions here in the United States and abroad. God Bless You.